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Caileigh + Skyler

Working with Audrey was an absolute joy! She was attentive, organized, and helped us through every detail of planning our wedding. From finding vendors to finalizing our table setting, she made the process feel easy and fun. And most importantly, allowed us to focus only on enjoying our wedding day as she executed every detail. Thank you Audrey!

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Emily + Brian

My husband and I had the absolute pleasure of having Audrey as our wedding planner. From the moment we met Audrey we felt at ease with the entire planning process, especially given that we planned a wedding during a pandemic! Audrey adeptly navigated the ever-changing guidelines brought about from the pandemic and was great and efficient at communicating what the new guidelines meant and what options we had. She listened to our wants and wishes and was able to provide a design narrative that fulfilled our vision of what the day would look like. Audrey organized all of our vendors and made it so we had nothing to worry about on our wedding day except for enjoying every moment. On our wedding day Audrey was phenomenal at keeping the schedule of the day on track while blending into the background. She was great at adjusting things as needed on the fly and helping to deal with all the aspects the big day brings.

All in all, Audrey is the best! She is organized, she listens and advocates for her couples, and she is extremely knowledgeable about the entire process. Audrey goes above and beyond and brings to life even the smallest details that made our wedding day the best day of our lives. We would absolutely recommend Audrey as a wedding planner to every single one of our friends!


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Mel + Rah

Working with Audrey in planning our wedding was absolutely wonderful! Navigating preparations in the middle of a pandemic would have been an impossible task without her help! She provided excellent guidance in design narratives and helped us structure our perfect day. Audrey made great recommendations for vendors she had worked with in the past and communicated with all of the vendors we hired throughout the whole process. The only hiccup we had was a dress disaster four days before the wedding, but Audrey connected me with people who could help remedy the problem very quickly. There wasn’t a single issue on the day, largely because of her expertise and organizational skills. All along the way, she made everything FAR less stressful than it would have been without her! I highly recommend hiring Audrey for your next event. She is excellent at what she does and is kind and easy to get along with. Anyone who works with her is lucky to have her services!

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Grace + Frederick

Planning a wedding is hard and stressful but planning a wedding through a pandemic is SUPER hard and MEGA stressful. We, like many other newly engaged couples, started out being overwhelmed with the different pieces that went into planning a wedding. We were relieved when we found our wedding planning partners but the company itself was going through many changes and we actually had two different wedding planners until we were graced with the precious baby angel - Audrey. To be honest, we were disappointed with the service of the other planners and didn't have high hopes going into our first meeting with Audrey. This was all washed away as soon as we saw Audrey's confident smile. For the first time in our wedding planning process, we felt that this wedding was going to happen in this crazy year and knew we could trust her. 

Audrey is the most organized and proactive person you will ever partner with - the amount of time she commits to your vision is unmatched. I think I especially loved how passionate Audrey was in ensuring we had the best day of our lives (but also keeping us on track during the wedding). Audrey is kind and very personable - heck I want another wedding just so I could work with her again. Everything felt easy with Audrey, and it was just so amazing to be able to talk to her and know she could take care of all the small details and keep the day going according to plan. For example, we ran out of food at the wedding (sadface) and Audrey was able to help mediate that situation with end of the night treats. She was always so attentive to us and had great energy. Honestly, if it weren't for Audrey I don't think this wedding could have gone as smoothly as it did. 


Kelly + Michael

My husband and I began working with Audrey 6 months before our scheduled summer 2020 wedding. Of course the world changed drastically within those 6 months and we had to postpone our wedding to summer 2021 and reimagine what that day might look like. Working with Audrey through these ups and downs and the pains and struggles of being a covid bride and groom over the past 1.5 years was an incredible blessing. Through planning and replanning a wedding, managing multiple vendors with varying schedules and considerations, downsizing from 180 people to 58 people, working with a small town venue that was hit incredibly hard by covid and staffing issues, and guiding us through the process with care and consideration for us not only as clients but also as human beings, Audrey went above and beyond the call of duty in all things. I can confidently say that we would have been lost without Audrey. 

Starting with the design and details of our wedding day, Audrey took our essence as a couple and turned it into the most perfect day. She listened to our (often differing) ideas and imaginings for our day and made them a reality. She was patient, thoughtful, creative, and detail oriented. I am a very detailed person with a particular vision and Audrey seriously thought through every detail that I might have missed and added so much more to the design than I could have dreamed. We felt confident handing over the reins to her on the day because we knew she had worked through every scenario and back up plan so that we could just enjoy our wedding and be present with our friends and family.

Audrey confidently navigated working with our venue and vendors through an incredibly challenging year across all fronts. She was understanding and kind, but also knew when to push for what we needed and wanted. As a bride, I could not imagine the wedding planning process without having Audrey as my guide and partner. 

On our wedding day, Audrey was calm and organized. She handled our crazy families, hustled behind the scenes to put everything together (if anything went wrong, I would have had no idea because Audrey just handled it), managed our vendors, and created the most beautiful and magical day. Walking down the aisle to my husband during our ceremony truly took my breath away. The flowers, details, everything was just as we had imagined and more. Our wedding day was a hazy 102 degrees with smoke from wildfires, but my husband and I barely thought of the heat because Audrey's excitement and joy for us as well as organization and confidence allowed us to just be present throughout the whole day. Everything was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we know this is all because of Audrey. She was calm, understanding, caring, and patient. Our vendors raved about her to us because they loved working with her so much. Our families were overwhelmingly grateful for her as well. She was ON TOP OF IT. 

If you are looking for a partner in the wedding planning process, someone who will take your dreams for your day and make them a reality, a confident, detail oriented, and organized person to handle all the ups and downs of planning, Audrey is 100000% your person. We couldn't recommend her enough to anyone getting married. We would trust any wedding in her care, she is incredible.

Photo by Kate Price Photography

Ann + Andy

Audrey was amazing to work with for our October 2021 wedding. From our very first meeting, Audrey was attentive, personable and worked to not only understand what we wanted our wedding to look like, but really got to know us as a couple. Throughout changing guidelines due to COVID, navigating vendor schedules and finalizing décor options, Audrey kept us informed and helped us make the right decision for our wedding day. She made great suggestions that matched the feeling and look of what we wanted our wedding to be like that fit within our budget. In the months leading up to the wedding, Audrey was extremely responsive to any communications and questions that we had, and she proactively reached out ahead of all due dates or scheduled meetings to make sure our time together was productive and efficient. Our goal for our wedding day was that neither my fiancée and I, nor our families, would have to answer questions, make decisions, or do anything other than enjoy our wedding day, and that was exactly what Audrey facilitated for us. Her organization, attention to detail and overall kind and happy attitude made our wedding day run perfectly and we are so happy we worked with her.

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